Driver License Reinstatement

Reinstatement Requirements

Click here for examples of the most common suspensions. If you have a different situation than one outlined below, please contact the DMV Call Center by phone (803) 896-5000 or by email

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Payment Plan Program

SCDMV offers a driver’s license reinstatement fee payment program for SC residents that have a suspended driver’s license. For more information, click here.

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Provisional Driver License

Individuals suspended for first offense driving under the influence or unlawful alcohol concentration will be eligible for a provisional license if they meet the following criteria:

  1. They must have or have had a SC driver’s license or be exempt under SC Code of Laws 56-1-30.
  2. They must have no other suspensions following the driving under the influence or unlawful alcohol concentration suspension except implied consent, implied consent under 21, BAC of .02 or greater, BAC of .15 or greater deriving from the same incident.
  3. They must have enrolled in the Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program.
  4. The cost for a provisional driver’s license is $100.00.

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Route Restricted License

A route restricted license allows an individual with a non-commercial license to operate a motor vehicle to and from his place of employment or education, in the course of employment or education or to and from ADSAP (alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program) and/or a court ordered drug program when his driving privileges are suspended. The route restricted license is issued for the fixed length of the suspension.

By law an individual may obtain a route restricted license only once in his lifetime for these type of suspensions.

a)             Accident Judgment

b)             Alcohol Violation

c)             Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC .15)

d)             Controlled Substance

e)             Failure to Stop for a Blue Light

f)              False Insurance Certification

g)             Implied Consent

h)             Misrepresentation of Identity


By law these suspensions may allow an applicant to obtain additional route restricted licenses beyond the “once in a lifetime” route restricted license listed above.

a)     Delinquent Child Support

b)    Driving Under Suspension – for 1st or 2nd offenses within a five year period

NOTE:  A customer is not eligible for a route restricted license while under suspension for unlawful alcohol concentration or driving under the influence. 


To make application for a router restricted license:

  1. Complete Form DL-127 Route Restricted Driver’s License Application

  2. Mail the application to Driver Records, PO Box 1498, Blythewood, SC  29016-0028

  3. Non-US citizens are not eligible to obtain a route restricted license unless he has a permanent resident alien status.

If application is approved, the cost for the route restricted license is $100.00.

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SR-22 Insurance Certificate

A form SR-22 insurance certificate is required three years from the ending date of the suspension or, in some cases, from the beginning date or the compliance of the suspension. SR-22 must be obtained for the class license the driver seeks such as a motorcycle license or passenger vehicle license and the SR-22 Certificate must be on file with DMV before the license can be reinstated or a provisional license is issued. SR-22 is required even if you do not own a vehicle. In these cases, you can file a Non-Owners SR-22.

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Reinstatement Fees

A $100.00 reinstatement fee is required for each suspension unless another amount is required.

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The Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program is a program certified by the South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services. Completion of this program is required following Driving Under the Influence suspensions. ADSAP enrollment must be on file with DMV before obtaining a Provisional License. ADSAP completion must be on file with DMV before your driving privileges can be restored. To enroll in ADSAP or for more information, call the South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services.

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The knowledge and road tests are required if the individual's driver's license has expired or if re-examination is required by law following a suspension period before driving privileges may be reinstated. There is a charge of $2.00 to complete the knowledge portion of the re-examination. For more information about driver license testing, click here.


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Ignition Interlock Device Program

An ignition interlock device (IID) is a mechanism similar to a breathalyzer, which is installed in a vehicle’s dashboard. The IID is designed to prevent a driver from operating the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The driver is required to breathe into the device before starting the vehicle and at random intervals while the vehicle is being operated.


Effective January 1, 2009, an II restriction is required for persons who are convicted of a second or subsequent offense for the following violations:

1)       driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs,

2)       driving with an unlawful alcohol concentration, or

3)       causing great bodily injury or death while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


For more information about IID, click here.

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Habitual Offender

Habitual offenders are those drivers who accumulate three or more convictions for serious offenses within a three year period, or 10 or more four-point moving violation convictions during a three year period.  For more information about Habitual Offender Status, click here.

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Administrative Hearings

Administrative Hearings are conducted by the Office of Motor Vehicle Hearings (OMVH), which is a part of the S.C. Administrative Law Court.  For information about the hearing process or to schedule a hearing, contact the SC Office of Motor Vehicle Hearings.

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DMV Contact

For additional information, address all correspondence to:

The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles
Driver Records
Post Office Box 1498
Blythewood, SC 29016-0028
or call (803) 896-5000

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