You may hear an ATV referred to as a four-wheeler. 

What is an ATV?

All-terrain vehicles are designed primarily for off-road travel and are no more than 50 inches wide. They may have three or more low-pressure tires and handle bars for steering. They do not include lawn tractors, battery-powered children’s toys, or a vehicle that is required to be licensed or titled for highway use.
Titling an ATV

If you own an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), you may title it by submitting all of the following:

  • Completed Application for Title (SCDMV Form 400) 
  • Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin or previous title properly assigned to the applicant
  • $15
  • Sales tax (there is no maximum sales tax on ATVs)

 ATVs must have all of the following equipment in good working condition:

  • An effective muffler system
  • USDA Forest Service approved spark arrester
  • Brake system

What is against the law when it comes to an ATV?

  •  Removing the Age Restriction Warning Label attached to the all-terrain vehicle (ATV) by the manufacturer
  •  Operating an ATV:
    • Half-hour after sunset to half-hour before sunrise, unless with headlights on
    • Under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • In a reckless manner
  • Parents or guardians cannot allow:
    • Anyone less than six to operate an ATV.
    • Anyone less than 16 to carry a passenger while operating an ATV
    • Anyone less than 16 to operate an ATV in violation of the warning label on the vehicle
    • Anyone 16 or younger to operate an ATV unless with an adult
    • Anyone 15 or younger to:
      • Operate an ATV without successfully completing a “hands-on” ATV safety course approved by AVSI (All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Institute)
      • Operate or ride an ATV in SC without a helmet and eye protection

SC Code Sections 56-19-1010, -1020, -1030, 50-26.