When you apply for a dealer license, remember these general tips:

  • The name and address on your surety bond must match the name and address on your application.
  • The names, addresses, and driver's license numbers of all your employees must be on the back of your application. If additional space is needed, attach a separate sheet of paper.
  • If you have moved, an SCDMV agent must inspect your new location before a new license can be issued.
  • If the 911 System or Post Office has assigned you a new address, you must submit a new application, letter from the Post Office, and an address change rider from your bond company.
  • Sales tax number is needed if applying for retail license.
  • Tax exempt number is needed if applying for wholesale only license.
  • You must file articles of authorization with the South Carolina Secretary of State, like "Inc." or "LLC".

If you have questions, contact the SCDMV.