A motorcycle is a vehicle that has no more than two permanent functional wheels in contact with the ground and has a saddle for the rider.

If you're under 21, you must wear a helmet and eye protection while driving a motorcycle

Driving a Motorcycle

If you have not previously held a driver's license and have driving experience, you must first have a motorcycle beginner's permit in order to get a motorcycle (Class M) driver's license. You should read the Motorcycle and Moped Operator's Manual before you hit the road on a motorcycle. If you're interested in renewing your motorcycle beginner's permit, you must attempt the road test. If you fail the motorcycle (Class M) road test three times, you cannot take the test again at any SCDMV branch. After failing the test three times, you must complete and pass an SCDMV-approved motorcycle safety course to receive a motorcycle license.

Motorcycle Testing

The SCDMV accepts Motorcycle Safety Foundation skills test certificates if you've been tested by an SCDMV-approved and contracted one-stop motorcycle training and testing program.  

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Titling or Registering a Motorcycle

Just like a traditional car, truck, or SUV, you must title and register your motorcycle.

Three-wheel Motorcycle

You may hear a three-wheel motorcycle referred to as a trike.

If you have a three-wheel motorcycle, you are not required to have a motorcycle (Class M) driver's license. You may drive a trike with any license except a moped license.

If you drive an automotive three-wheel vehicle (designed with a bench seat like an automobile), you must have at least a regular (Class D) license. You do not have to have a motorcycle license.

Motorcycle with Detachable Sidecar

A motorcycle with a detachable sidecar is a motorcycle that has a one-wheeled device attached to its side.

If you are interested in driving this type of motorcycle, you must have a motorcycle (Class M) driver's license. If you pass the side car road test, you will have an S3 restriction added to your motorcycle license. This test is only offered at the SCDMV branch in Blythewood.