ELT Lenders

By completing the Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) Lienholder Application (SCDMV Form ELT-1), you, as the lender and/or service provider demonstrates an understanding and commitment to the following:

  • You may enter into an agreement with an SCDMV approved service provider, or achieve system certification for its own ELT computer system.
  • You must agree to training as required by the SCDMV and/or the agency's service provider.
  • You must agree to bear all costs for participation in the program such as costs incurred for computer hardware, labor, electronic interface system changes, and transaction processing.
  • You must agree to comply with all rules, policies, procedures, and standards applicable to the ELT program.
  • You must agree to all terms required by the lender and sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • You must sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the SCDMV before transmitting customer, vehicle, and lien data.

ELT Guidelines

  • An electronic title with lien will remain electronic until it is printed.
  • Once printed, it will remain a paper title, unless it is surrendered again to become an electronic title.
  • No more data will be exchanged than is currently printed on the title.
  • The SCDMV will identify business customers as Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) lenders.
  • All liens processed for an ELT lienholder customer number will be electronic.
  • Title application and supporting documents are submitted as usual either by the customer, the lender or a dealership.
  • The title application must include the ELT lienholder customer number to insure that lien is processed as an electronic lien.
  • Title applications placed in ‘suspense’ will not print or result in an ELT lien transaction until the ‘suspense’ cause is resolved.
  • Titles removed from ‘suspense’ status will maintain the ELT status if the lienholder is an ELT lienholder.
  • The ELT lienholder acknowledgements are returned in a batch with any errors identified. The acknowledgements and errors are part of the AAMVA standard transaction.
  • ELT lien errors are reported by the lienholder or service provider with a description of the error or discrepancy.
  • Lenders and service providers must abide by all applicable state and federal privacy laws to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the SCDMV customer data.
  • Lenders and service providers must sign a Memorandum of Understanding before vehicle, customer and lien data is electronically transmitted through the ELT program.