Getting a Hazmat Endorsement

As of February 7, 2022, you will need to complete an FMCSA-approved ELDT training program to be eligible to apply for a hazardous materials (H) endorsement.

Only US Citizens and lawful permanent residents of the United States are eligible to apply for a commercial driver's license (CDL) with a hazmat endorsement. The SCDMV does not conduct Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Threat Assessments and fingerprinting for people applying for a hazmat endorsement. You cannot have a commercial learner's permit (CLP) with a hazmat endorsement.

The SCDMV cannot issue, renew, or upgrade a CDL with a hazmat endorsement (X or H) until you do all the following:

  • Complete your application
  • Have your finger prints taken
  • Pass a background check and earn TSA security clearance
  • Pass the Hazmat knowledge test

The Requirements for Obtaining Hazardous Material Endorsements (SCDMV Form DL-400 (IS)) has additional information on these requirements.

You must complete a background check before your hazmat endorsement may be issued or renewed. You must submit the background check application for the TSA to approve. The TSA background check fingerprint fee is in addition to the cost of the regular application, five-year Hazmat license, and knowledge test.