For law enforcement as of April 21, 2023: Pursuant to SC Code of Laws Section 56-3-180, some South Carolina apportioned plate carriers received a letter allowing them to legally operate their commercial motor vehicle for forty-five days while the SCDMV issues a new, metal license plate. Please allow carriers with this letter to operate for forty-five days from the issuance date of the letter. 

International Registration Plan Renewal 

The SCDMV will not update your Motor Carrier Identification Report Application for USDOT Number (FMCSA Form MCS-150) as part of processing your International Registration Plan (IRP) renewal. If this form is not updated within the required Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) timeframe, your IRP registration will be denied. If you need assistance completing this form, contact the FMCSA at 1-800-832-5660.

For carriers who meet the requirements of the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR), please remember, you must pay your UCR fee by the due date.  Failure to pay the UCR fee by the due date may delay your IFTA and IRP renewal or may result in an account suspension. Click here for more on UCR.

You must renew IRP credentials every year for the new license year. Motor Carrier Services (MCS) sends a reminder email 30-45 days before the expiration date. The renewal application must be completed, signed, and returned for the new IRP license to be issued.

You can also renew your IRP account online if you have been approved to access the MCS online registration system.

You must submit all of the following to a designated IFTA/IRP SCDMV branch. Check your Schedules A/E and B before submitting them to the SCDMV.

  • Write your MCS customer number at the top of all pages of the application in the “Customer Number” box
  • Write your USDOT number in the appropriate section
  • Proof of ownership (the original title only or complete title application) for all vehicles being added to your IRP account
  • Sign all applications where required
  • Actual distance must be indicated on Schedule B for every jurisdiction you drove in during the distance reporting period
  • Submit a copy of your Lease Agreement
  • MC-7 (Agreement to Prepare/Maintain Records)
  • Heavy Highway Use Tax (2290) for Current year

You must complete the Operational Lease Agreement (SCDMV Form IRP-9) to renew your IRP credentials if you change the company to whom you lease.

If you're renewing an IRP account for another person or carrier, you must have all of the above and a Power Of Attorney (SCDMV Form MC-25).

IRP Reminders

Motor Carrier Services (MCS) emails a notification when it is time to renew IRP registration. Provide MCS with your current email address to ensure proper reminders.

Authorized Users for IRP Accounts

A Power of Attorney Authorization Form (SCDMV Form MC-25 ) must be on file for anyone other than the account holder to conduct business on an IRP Account. This form must also be on file for anyone other than the account holder for them to inquire specifics about the account. 

Replacement Cab Card

You can log into the Motor Carrier Portal to request a new, revised, duplicate, or replacement International Registration Plan (IRP) cab card. It is $1 per card. There is no charge for an IRP replacement cab card if due to an error by the SCDMV.

You can also visit an IRP/IFTA processing branch office or fax an Application for a Duplicate Cab Card (SCDMV Form 3090-A) for a replacement cab card.

Replacement License Plate

You can log into the Motor Carrier Portal to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged International Registration Plan (IRP) license plate. It is $6 per replacement plate. 


You may visit an IRP/IFTA processing branch office to replace your IRP license plate.

You may also mail all forms and payment listed below to receive a replacement IRP plate:

  • Completed Lost/Stolen or Destroyed License Plate Report (SCDMV Form 452-A)
  • Surrender the original cab card for the license being replaced
  • $6 payment (check or money order made out to the SCDMV. Do not mail cash.) 

Mail all of the above documents to the address below:

Motor Carrier Services
PO Box 1498
Blythewood, SC 29016-0027 

You should receive replacement plate(s) and duplicate cab card(s) within two weeks. If not, contact Motor Carrier Services at Please provide the following in the subject line of the email: Your name, customer number, and contact number. Allow 24 to 48 hours for a response or contact Motor Carrier Services Helpdesk at 803-896-3870.

Apportioned Plate and Registration

Adding or Deleting Vehicles

When adding or deleting a vehicle to or from a fleet, you must file a Supplemental Application (SCDMV Form Schedule C) in the same manner as the original.

Registration fees may be transferred from the deleted vehicle to the added vehicle, providing it is a vehicle of the same type and registered in the same name. You must pay a $10 transfer fee to South Carolina, plus any fees that may be due to another jurisdiction. Not every IRP member jurisdiction allows for registration fee transfers, therefore, you will be charged a prorated registration fee for those states.

In cases where a deleted vehicle is not being replaced, the registrant is required to submit a completed Schedule C to Motor Carrier Services (MCS) within 30 days. The IRP cab card and license plate must also be returned, where it will remain on file until expiration. Should a replacement vehicle be purchased prior to expiration of the apportioned license, and you wish to transfer the registration fees, you should contact MCS for assistance.

Weight Increase

Vehicle weights will not be decreased during the license year. Weight decreases can only be made at the time of license renewal.

If you decide to increase your registered weight for any member jurisdiction, you must file a Supplemental Application (SCDMV Form Schedule C) with the SCDMV. Additional fees will be calculated for the increase in weight for the remaining portion of the registration year.

You will owe a penalty if any of the following happen:

  • Renew your plate after its expiration date
  • A vehicle deleted from the renewal is added back into service later in the year
  • A temporary authorization that has expired on a vehicle is added to a fleet or a plate transfer
  • Late registration of a newly-acquired vehicle

Penalty Fees

 Days Late  Fee
 15 to 30 days  $25
 31 to 90 days  $50
 First 14 days  $10
 More than 90 days  $75

Insurance Requirements for Apportioned Vehicles

Each South Carolina-based registrant must maintain liability insurance coverage on all vehicles bearing an SC apportioned license plate. The insurance certification on the front side of the Original Application for Apportioned Registration (SCDMV Form Schedule A/E) or Supplemental Application for Apportioned Registration (SCDMV Form Schedule C) must be completed with the insurance company name, policy number, policy dates, and the agency/agent’s name. If the vehicle becomes uninsured for any reason, the license plate and cab card must be surrendered to Motor Carrier Services within five days. Otherwise, you will be subject to a reinstatement fee and fine of $400 or more.