Driver's Licenses and ID cards

If you have a valid driver's license or identification card from another state and permanently move to South Carolina, you must apply for an SC license or ID within 45 days of moving to the state. You must turn in your out-of-state license and/or ID when you get an SC license or ID. 

Any licenses and ID cards previously issued by another jurisdiction (state or province) will be cancelled. If a license or ID card is later issued to you by another jurisdiction, your SC license or ID card will be cancelled.

If you are surrendering a REAL ID from a REAL ID-compliant state, you must go through the steps of providing the SCDMV with the required documentation to receive a South Carolina REAL ID.

You must visit an SCDMV branch and bring all of the following information and types of documents that prove your identity:

  • Proof of identity, US citizenship, and date of birth (Government-issued birth certificate or valid US Passport)
  • Social Security number
  • Proof of current, physical SC address (two proofs for a REAL ID)
  • Proof of legal name change, if applicable.

The United States Citizens' Checklist(SCDMV Form MV-93) and International Customers' Checklist (SCDMV Form MV-94) have a complete list of accepted documents for each category above.

In addition to providing the required documentation, you must pass a vision test to get a driver's license and pay all applicable fees. An eight-year driver's license is $25.

You must surrender all out-of-state-issued licenses and ID cards to the SCDMV. If you were issued an out-of-state license and do not have it to surrender, you must provide a driving record from that state as proof of driving. If your out-of-state license is expired by nine months or more, you must also pass the knowledge and road tests.

Vehicle Registrations

You have 45 days to transfer your vehicle registration to this state.

If you own any vehicles, you must register them in this state.

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Temporary Resident

If you're moving to South Carolina temporarily, like a military member or a student, you are not required to get a driver's license for yourself or your dependents. However, you must have your valid out-of-state license to drive here.

Moving from South Carolina

If you move out of South Carolina, you must turn in your SC driver's license or identification card to your new state when that state issues you a license or ID. Your new state will notify the SCDMV, and your SC license or ID will be cancelled.

If you are registering a vehicle in another state, you must transfer your vehicle's liability insurance to that state as well. Before you cancel your SC insurance, turn in your SC license plate to the SCDMV. If you do not return your plate and if your insurance company cancels your insurance, you may owe up to $400.

Conviction Registrations

If you've been convicted of a crime listed in SC Code Section 23-3-430, you must register with your county sheriff's office within three days of moving to this state.