SCDMV Aware of Private Vendor’s Issue Disrupting Service at Some Dealerships

June 21, 2024

The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles is responding to the outage sustained by a private provider that serves vehicle dealers. The outage is disrupting business for that vendor’s customers in South Carolina and across the nation.

Digital systems at SCDMV were not affected by the cyber disruption affecting the private vendor, which provides electronic registration and other services to dealers. This vendor has no connection to systems at the SCDMV while it resolves its issues.

While the outage is affecting some dealers in South Carolina, they are being permitted to visit SCDMV branch offices during regular business hours and file the necessary paperwork to continue their transactions.

The SCDMV believes this service provider outage affects about 10 percent of all dealers in South Carolina, while the remaining 90 percent are processing electronic transactions normally.

We recognize that this issue may inconvenience vehicle buyers at the affected dealerships, and the SCDMV hopes that the service provider involved will be able to resolve its issues promptly, allowing the resumption of normal, secure service.

For the latest on SCDMV’s assistance with the service provider outage, dealers can visit our Electronic Vehicle Registration Program page.