Fraudulent Communication Claiming to be from “The DMV”

July 30, 2021

South Carolinians should be aware of fraudulent electronic communications, including emails and text messages, claiming to be from “The Department of Motor Vehicles.” While the messages may not explicitly say “The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles” or “The SCDMV,” many people may assume this is official South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) communication.

Emails or text messages from any entity claiming to be the SCDMV, or its equivalent, that may ask recipients to verify their driver’s license information to keep their record up-to-date or to pay a fine or fee by clicking on a link are fraudulent.

The SCDMV does not utilize email or text message to alert South Carolina residents to any changes in their driving or vehicle records. The only methods for paying fees and fines is through the official SCDMV website at, by mail to SCDMV Headquarters in Blythewood, or by visiting any of the agency’s branch offices across the state.

While the SCDMV uses social media, email, and phone to communicate with South Carolinians in hopes of answering their questions related to agency operations, all official notices from the SCDMV come through postal mail.

The SCDMV urges that anyone receiving a fraudulent email or text message not click on the link or respond to the message, but rather delete the message immediately. These emails and text messages are attempts to lure individuals into exposing their personal information or direct customers to unauthorized third party websites that fraudulently charge customers for motor vehicle and driver related services.