If you're interested in registering for the SCDMV’s Motor Carrier Services system, complete the Motor Carrier Web Entry Access Application (SCDMV Form MC-26) and mail or email it to the address below:

Motor Carrier Services
PO Box 1498
Blythewood, SC 29016-0027

Email: MCSHQ@scdmv.net

Which IRP/IFTA transactions can I do online?

If you process IRP/IFTA transactions online, you can receive your needed documents even faster. If you need assistance in the process of completing the transaction online contact the Motor Carrier Services Helpdesk at 803-896-3870.

You can do the following transactions online:

  • IFTA Renew Fleet (MC-7 and Vehicle Listing (VIN#, Year, Make, Model and Plate Number) OR Cab Cards for each vehicle being renewed must be emailed after completion)
  • IFTA Additional Decals
  • IFTA Tax Return
  • IRP Renew Fleet (MC-7, 2290 and IRP-9 must be emailed after completion)
  • IRP Amend Without Fee (IRP Schedule C and IRP-9(If Applicable) must be emailed after completion)
  • IRP Replace Plate
  • IRP Replace Cab Card